It’s ALIVE!!

The Certificate of Incorporation for BLUE

The Certificate of Incorporation for BLUE

Hello! It’s been nearly a year, and we ARE in indeed alive and kicking. Having taken some personal time, we’ve now dived straight into the work with ACWUS. Things will still be slow, but here’s a few updates:

Shruti is now a doctoral student at the Urban and Regional Planning department at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, and ACWUS is the focus of her research. But having been transplanted to midwestern United States for nine months a year means ACWUS is going to move slowly. Salomi & Shruti are working together across the Atlantic to get ACWUS up and running.

Our first step was the registration of our company, BLUE: Building Local Urban Ecologies. It came through on October 4th, so now we’re free to receive funds and donations, hire interns and volunteers, form partnerships, and execute the many activities that we’ve talked about under ACWUS. Yay!

We have in the works:

1. A logo for BLUE

2. An international volunteer trip with International Impact at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign for Summer 2014

3. Hiring plans for interns and volunteers in India who want to work with our international volunteers over 4-8 weeks in Summer 2014

4. MoUs with partner organizations for the socioeconomic and technical aspects of the project research and implementation

These will be up in DECEMBER / JANUARY, so stay tuned.

And feel free to email us at

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