Wetlands By The Dozen

– by Shruti Syal



Two dozen, rather.


After 10 hours of painstaking effort, shuttling between the Eicher maps and Google Maps,  I’ve got two dozen potential sites for constructed wetlands all over the NCT. It’s settled. I AM SUPERWOMAN.


All kidding aside, this is a big step for our plans for the database. The maps are sourced from Google Maps, and the drains and JJCs are located on these with the help of city maps by Eicher, so they are not accurate in terms of geo-coordinates. Also, the scales for the pictures are different. The A-cloud identifies the location nearest to the JJCs that could be clearly identified on Google Maps. The JJCs are shown as full red circles, the size of the dot varying based on JJC size, and the drains are marked in dark blue, the width of the drain depending on actual drain width. All sizes are relative. The hollow blue arrows indicate drain flow given in Eicher’s maps, and the thin blue arrows indicate probable flow direction, where not clearly marked in Eicher’s maps. Again, when not clearly indicated by either Google Maps or Eicher, the probable drain path is marked in thin, dashed, dark blue lines.


‘Nuff said. Take a look:

AGCR Encalve


Bharat Nagar

Budh Vihar

Dilshad Colony


Anna Nagar

Indraprastha Colony


Mangolpuri Industrial Area

New Industrial Area

New Patel Nagar

Nizamuddin East

Punjabi Bagh West

R. K. Puram sector 6

Raj Nagar

Red Fort

Railway Colony (further east of Raj Nagar)

Rohini sector 25

Shastri Park


Taj Encalve

Vigyan Lok


These sites are by no means all-inclusive, because the sites I selected are identified JJCs, but as Salomi and I discovered, there are an equal (or larger) number of sites that are not earmaked as JJCs on official or private maps. Two such sites were Chirag Delhi, and Jasola Vihar near Agra Canal (May 26, 27th posts). Additionally, being a JJC does not validate the site for the constructed wetland. Topography and water quality parameters will have to be assessed, and we hope to have people with the requisite understanding to hep us finish this analysis.


All aboard.

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