Before going any further, we would like to thank a few people who have played a role in helping us develop the proposal for ACWUSTM . We are sure to add to the list as time goes by:

The Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), for organizing San-Kranti 2011, the forum for the development of ACWUSTM , and the funding administrator for ACWUSTM‘s pilot run. A special shout-out to Ahona, Natya, and Geetika!

Rajat Kumar, for his verbal and intellectual brazenness, and for the zealous 60-minute conversation that sparked the development of the monitoring strategy that is one of the USPs of the model.

Shashank Pandey, for uninhibited lab use rights at TERI University, and for his oversight of the technical robustness of the environmental monitoring scheme for the site, which helped devise the curriculum for the education module.

Amarendra Srivastava, for the many inputs that helped us chop the fat off the information and data collected over three months to a slick 10-minute presentation for a wider audience in the final stages of the competition, but mostly for the ingenious idea of investing in an acronym for the project.

Rahul Bakare, for helping us realize the potential of decentralization in sewage water treatment, and for drawing our attention to the concerns specific to Delhi so we could test the ability of our solution to address these.

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